One Cohesive Software Ecosystem

Transparent Investments

We make investments into software companies with recurring revenue and product-led growth. We democratize access to our fund with an open investment application and transparent due diligence process.

After the investment, we take a high conviction approach to help our portfolio companies with exclusive deals, a network of potential customers, software development services, and more.

Web Platform

For investors, we provide a web platform to have full transparency into our investment fund. This includes their investment status, total AUM, investor list, portfolio investments, automated updates, quarterly reporting, and more.

For portfolio companies, we provide a web platform to receive on-going support. This includes their investment documents, exclusive deals, a network of potential customers, integrations to automate reporting, and more.

Proprietary Data

With every company that we buy, build, or invest in, we continue to refine our proprietary data model to understand market dynamics. Leveraging machine learning, AI, and data science, we're able to accurately analyze and predict trends.

We believe that data doesn't always tell the whole story. Our team of investigative journalists validate the data predictions with interviews and research. Our journalists operate on an unbiased quest for the truth.

Software Services

We partner with companies to provide custom software development on a retainer model. All customers work with a dedicated account manager and a software development team which includes designers, developers, and QA specialists. Our goal is to save customers time and money on software development by partnering with our services team.

For portfolio companies, we provide the same software services at below market rates.