Building a Modern Investment Fund

Jaggi Enterprises LLC was founded in 2023 by Param Jaggi.

I started Jaggi with a belief that transparency can be a financial edge. I believe that software can be used to build transparency in markets to accurately track trends and behaviors that are otherwise tough to predict. Combining this raw data with human research equivalent to investigative journalism, we're able to uncover the truth in markets to inform investments.

For investors, this approach leads to risk-adjusted returns. Additionally, software can be used to enhance the investor experience by providing end-to-end transparency on performance to build trust, streamline reporting, and activate networks.

We're a team of misfits at Jaggi: engineers, journalists, lawyers, founders, mathematicians, and scientists. The one thing we have in common is our quest for the truth. Whether it's an engineer sifting through millions of pieces of raw data or a mathematician building a market-neutral model, we believe there are insights all around us waiting to be uncovered.

For our workflow, we value intellectual honesty over anything else. Great ideas come from anywhere but they must be backed by thorough data analysis and market research. We don't get emotionally attached to ideas, products, companies, or investments. We're in the business of finding winners that are currently undervalued by the rest of the market. We back these winners with extreme conviction and support.

Personally, I'm world class at building extremely technical products (and creating fun viral card games: 2016 Election Game & Done With 2020). An attribute important for my role leading a software-driven investment fund. That being said, I'm often wrong about my assumptions and convictions. Realizing this inability to always be right is at the core of our approach to intellectual honesty. Markets, like people, are complex and emotional beings. Our job at Jaggi is to use a combination of software, data, and investigative journalism to find the right answer.

Breaking into any industry isn't an easy task. That being said, I believe that true innovation comes from outsiders, not the incumbents. I did it once with green technology as a teenager and then again with software development in my 20s. Now we're doing it again in finance with Jaggi.

If our approach resonates with you, reach out. We'd love to hear from you.

Jaggi is on a mission to build the world's most powerful and transparent investment fund.